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ZIM FLUGSITZ opens a new factory in Schwerin

On 03 March 2017, the official grand opening of the second ZIM FLUGSITZ factory took place. Over 20,000 aircraft seats will be produced here in the future, creating 80 new jobs.

from left: Prime minister of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania Erwin Sellering, Federal Minister for Economy and Energy Brigitte Zypries, managing director Peter Zimmermann and mayor of Schwerin Rico Badenschier

Around 120 invited guests from the realms of politics and the economy, as well as representatives of international airlines took part in the opening ceremony. The managing directors, Angelika and Peter Zimmermann, greeted their guests in the new administrative building and thanked all those involved in its construction for their commitment. They gave special thanks to the Schwerin City Council and the business development agency, Invest in MV, for their support in establishing the new location. Since the site of the company headquarters in Markdorf near Friedrichshafen has no more opportunities for large-scale expansion, Schwerin was selected as a second location as it is closer to its customer Airbus and to the port of Hamburg. The company invested 8.5 million Euros in order to have 7,500 square meters of production space. This will increase staff numbers from 160 to a total of 240.

The Federal Minister for Economy and Energy and Coordinator of Air and Space Travel, Brigitte Zypries, acknowledged ZIM FLUGSITZ’s decision to invest in Germany and the growth at the Schwerin site in her welcoming address. “Germany is very attractive as a development and production site for the aviation industry. ZIM Flugsitz is an exemplary example of this,” said the Federal Minister. Prime minister, Erwin Sellering was pleased that a new employer has established a site in the re-gion and about the expansion of the fields of air and space travel in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. “This shows that, together with Hanse Aerospace e.V., we have developed a functioning network that appeals to the aviation industry. Tim Sommer, Airbus Vice President for Seats and Electronics shared the prime minis-ter’s view and expressed his enthusiasm that Airbus has found an efficient German partner in ZIM FLUGSITZ, which offers quality “Made in Germany”.

During the guided tours of the factory that followed, the guests were given an im-pression of the sophisticated production facilities and workspaces. The second plant will more than double production capacity. To that end, the managing director

foresees the strengthening of the headquarters in Markdorf, initially to share the load and then to be secured in the long term. Construction took place taking into account modern and ecological aspects, among other things. Thus, at the start of construction, sand lizards and Natterjack toads were relocated. Flora and fauna now have a new habitat in special ecological compensation areas. The administra-tion and production buildings are heated efficiently using geothermal energy. In addition to bright workspaces, there are also comfortable and cosy lounges and a fitness room.

Around 65,000 seats originating from ZIM Flugsitz’s production are currently underway in airplanes around the world.