PC01 – ZIMmagic

PC01 – ZIMmagic

Premium Economy Class Seat

The ZIMmagic Premium Economy Class Seats for medium and long-haul flights offers a new experience in flying. The greater distance to the passenger to the side of you, the improved IFE system and the footrest provide a unique comfort for the passengers.

ZIMmagic Premium Economy Class Sitz


  • Seat width between 18,5” – 19,5” free clearance between arm rests
  • Pitch distance more than 34”
  • recline up to 8”
  • weight 20,7 kg ready for flight (without options) – Per Pax
  • modern and innovative design MADE IN GERMANY


  • Light weight seat
  • Certified seat weight of  only 8.9 kg (including the seat belt) for a standard triple ZIMunique seat-set
  • Greater passenger comfort due to the availability of a bigger living space such as perceived leg-room
  • High Durability
  • Easy Maintainability
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Attractive Designs
  • Both standard and customized designs are available